Illustration of How to know if your partner may be unfaithful

How to know if your partner may be unfaithful

There are attitudes your partner may put up, that may not mean much to you but if you look deeper, there might be more than meets the eye. The booming of mobile phones technology and the internet have opened a floodgate not only for legitimate businesses to thrive but also for avenues to either strengthen the man-woman relationship or most unfortunately undermine relationships and marriages.

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Illustration of 5 things that cause couples to have extra lovers

4 things that cause couples to have extra lovers

Overtime I have been able to gather that the love we use to refer to is no more practicable in real sense of the word; the word love has tremendously evolved to something simpler and lighter. On that note I have specifically refer to love as the willingness to continuously engage in sex with someone for divers benefits.

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