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I may collect personal information to enable me serve you well and give you a better reading experience on my blog. Such information will mainly be on how to understand the traffic of visitors to the blog but may not be limited to that.

I may employ the use of cookies to check the blog traffic; to check if you are following the blog; to gather information about the aspects of the blog you love most and also to know how often you return to the blog.

You can set your web browser to control how the blog uses cookies but this might affect the function of the blog as some aspect of the blog may not be available to you.

The information I gather about you are secure and will never be disclosed to a third party except if I am compelled by law in extreme situations beyond my control.

I cannot guarantee the security of other websites that this blog may have links to and therefore will not be responsible for any breach whatsoever to personal information you submitted to such website.