Adult Movie Star Olivia Nova Dies in Las Vegas

Young adult movie star with the stage name of Olivia Nova has passed on. Her death has become more of a concern because she is the third adult movie star to have died within the period of a month. She was aged 20 as the time she was found dead on Sunday at Las Vegas, having lost her boyfriend who committed suicide in April a month after she started her an adult movie career.


Olivia Nova, real names Lexi Rose Forte, hails from Minnesota and died January 7, 2017. The cause of her death is still unknown; she has just been in the adult movie industry for barely a year.

It has been reported that the family of the adult movie star are seeking for financial assistance to help move her corpse from Las Vegas to Minnesota for her laying to rest.


Olivia was very active on Twitter. Her bio on twitter reads: “XXX model! +18. Nominee for best GG scene by New Sensations 2018, vegan, dog mom, o yeah and I like wine do don’t try and stop me. LA Direct Model.”

Below were some of her tweets few weeks before she died.


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