How to know the signs of motherhood in women

Mr. Tenn is a nice young businessman who attends one of these modern day ‘fire-brand’ churches that are also called Pentecostal churches. He is a typical dedicated member who is involved in most church activities but does not fall into the over zealous ‘I am holier than thou’ class of church hypocrites.

He is just a normal simple Christian who eventually found love in Sister Hope a young fair skinned woman with a catchy personality. Hope was in her late 20s while Tenn was in his mid 30s.

It was a perfect match, Miss Hope worked in a new generation bank earning a comparatively good pay while Mr. Tenn a businessman was doing well importing and exporting light goods. He occasionally make trips to Dubai and China to meet business associates to facilitate and strengthen his businesses.

Miss Hope is pretty in every aspect; she has nice facial features, average body shape, 5 feet 10 inches tall, swinging hips and bubbling boobs, she is just a complete bunch of beauty that every man must appreciate. Her feature could be likened to the equation S = S + 8 as detailed in a previous post Mathematical Equation of The Shape of Girls. Miss Hope was actively involved in the church choir as a Chorister where she occasionally lead praises in Sunday services.

Mr Tenn and Miss Hope dated for three years in a hot and steaming relationship; they all-time love each other’s company and had the best of love making sessions compared to their previous relationships. They eventually got married in a glamorous wedding which became the talk of the church for some weeks. Fast forward 7 months after their wedding Mrs Tenn gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, a handsome bundle of joy! The baby boy was born February 1.

February 14, Mrs Tenn put their home in a ‘red mood’ everywhere was well decorated in an organised manner. She baked a valentine cake with which to celebrate her love for her young family and all these she did without letting the husband in on the plan as it was meant to be a surprise and to show her utmost gratitude for the gift of love and marriage. She had made small note on a piece of paper reading: ‘My Val my sweetheart, It is most amazing that despite all my imperfections you still found it worthy to make me enjoy the beauty of motherhood once again’.

Mr Tenn arrived home early that day bringing with him his own surprise as well. As he stepped out of his car in the car park, he could smell the sweet aroma of his favourite dish emanating from the kitchen. Briskly he stepped into the apartment walking into the embrace of his lovely wife the mother of his handsome baby boy Justice. He kissed her and walk straight to the very attractive cake but was caught by the note his wife has dropped beside the cake: ‘My Val my sweetheart, It is most amazing that despite all my imperfections you still found it worthy to make me enjoy the beauty of motherhood once again’.

Later that evening Mrs Tenn broke a long held secret, a dark one in some respect, only because it was kept for such a long time and not because of the situation itself as love does not ask why where the truth is its foundation. Mrs Tenn was previously married and has had 4 kids with her previous husband; she was separated for 2 years before she met Mr. Tenn. She had relocated from Benin City to Abuja where she had met Mr. Tenn. Mr Tenn had come home with the key to a brand new car as a valentine gift for her wife which he has not told her about yet.

Whatever happened next is left for your imagination but it is no doubt, Mr Tenn was highly and bitterly devastated.

Following the above that was based on a true life story, I would want to suggest ways on how to know if she has given birth. It will take a little extra vigilance to make you understand and use these hints to get to know when a lady has had kids, not because having kids is bad but because deception is painful. The two areas you should critically assess in a lady to know if she has given birth or not are the breasts and her belly; there is no sure way you can know through the vagina if your understanding the 4 conditions of the vagina in a previous post is accurate.

1. The Breast

The breast is a give away 99.9% most of the time if only you could be critical enough to carefully observe it out of the bra! Breasts that have been filled with milk to feed a baby for quite a long time will never remain the same when the breast feeding period is over, we all know they enlarge and later reduce in size but not back or close to the original shape. I will use the word Virgin-breast and Non Virgin-breast to differentiate between the breast of a woman that has not given birth and the one that has given birth respectively.

Virgin-Breast that have not accumulated milk for breastfeeding are comparatively rigid and firmly soft; the nipple base is hard with the nipples easily aroused with little stroke of the finger because the nipples are full length and do not sink into the nipple base in some cases. A Virgin-breast could be likened to when you inflate a balloon to its full capacity and bind it to hold the air in; the balloon is rigid and firmly soft.

The Non Virgin-breast is like when you deflate a little air out of the balloon that was inflated to full capacity without shifting the position of the air stopper. The non virgin-breast is less rigid and loosely soft with the nipple sinking into the nipple base in most cases and it takes time to get the nipple arouse and firm compared to the virgin-breast.

2. The Belly

The belly is a give away 99.9% of the time, it transforms from a comparatively flat belly to what I call ‘curve belly’ and pot belly in its larger state. The expansion of the belly during pregnancy due to fetus growth within the womb makes a lot of changes to the overall size of the belly. After delivery, the belly starts a process of shrinking which if not assisted by prescribed massage and medication may remain largely big resulting pot belly.

A woman who has not given birth will considerably and comparatively have a flat belly as opposed to a woman who has given birth or had a miscarriage at an advanced stage of pregnancy. The belly size is more pronounced in fat women, then less in average shape women but you will take a critical assessment to discern it in very slim women. In some women, you clearly see stretch marks adorning the belly owing the expansion during pregnancy.

Critically assessing the belly of your woman will definitely give you a reliable clue as to whether she has given birth or not though modern science have armed doctors with very good medical procedures that can reduce the belly size back to normal few weeks after delivery but this is at a very high cost which only celebrities can afford.

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