The 4 beauty features of women

I may just mischievously point out that the story of creation according to Christianity indicated that the world would have been for only gays if not that God had a second thought and created the woman. The woman was created because God had said it is not good for the man to be alone, meaning it was not in the initial plan of God to create the woman.

Since the woman was created, there has never been any creation that has been as fantastic as the woman; the after thought has now become the best of thoughts. As time progresses the one woman has manifested into different shapes and sizes, different shades and colour, so magnificent that they have become the ultimate force of love and attraction.

There are 4 ways I see the beauty features of women depending on what is involved.

1. The Fire Alarm Features

The fire alarm is a gadget we all know is meant to notify of impending danger. When sounded it draws all and sundry from the probably unsafe zones in an organised manner to a safe point. It is also known that the alarm when sounded makes a hell of a noise as it is designed so that it gets to you no matter where you are at that particular time.

The fire alarm features
The fire alarm features

A woman could be said to have the fire alarm features if people are forced to converge in small groups and stare at her in bewilderment anywhere and anytime she walks past. The reasons for this reaction are basically because she is way-way out of normal in terms her body size, boobs size or ass size; meaning either all or any of these features are extremely massive such that it affects the way she walks. On the other hand, girls who are so lean that you may fear they could break also are termed to have the fire alarm features

2. The Siren Features

We all know the siren attached to vehicles, the noise they sound out and the purpose for which it is made. If you hear a siren you know there is an emergency and you need to give way but there is no such fear for personal safety as the case of fire alarm. People may even not pay so much attention to the siren though they may clearly and loudly hear it.

The siren features
The siren features

Women who are of chubby size could be said to have siren features. These women are not obese but are very bulky and could as well have massive boobs or ass size if not all of that. When they walk past, you could different them from every other because they stand out in features though not as gigantic as the ones with fire alarm features.

3. The Ringtone Features

Mobile phones are everywhere and we all recognize one when we see it. The ringtone of a mobile phone is not as loud but can be heard by people close by when it goes off. It is an indication that somebody has a call that he needs to pick and then converse with whoever is calling. You need to be as close to hear a ringtone and appreciate it otherwise it does not really matter.

The ringtone features
The ringtone features

Women with the ringtone features are the normal average size ladies who have everything in the right proportion or not but cause no scare or stares. You may from afar not be able to assess all of the features she has unless you are closer. The ringtone feature is attractive, appreciable and it is the dream of every woman to be like that and for every man to like that.

4. The Silent Features

Anything that is silent is of course silent, be it the fire alarm, the siren or the ringtone and once it is not there it is not. Everything that goes noiseless is not noticed it just passes on without drawing anyone’s attention. The fire alarm, the siren and the ringtone are silent when things are normal with no stress.

The silent features
The silent features

Girls with the silent features are naturally slim or a little below average size girls, they do have boobs and backsides that do not draw as much attention with their clothes on but I cannot tell with their clothes off anyway! These women look great in bikinis just like the ringtone features girls. The are mostly the girls that are models and beauty pageants.

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