The beauty of dating a colleague at the work place

Hearing ‘the beauty of dating a colleague at the work place’ may sound somehow odd because it is something many have said negatives things only about without properly consideration of the other side of the coin.

True love they say knows no barrier, so office romance should never be an exception but some organisations do not actually condone this as a matter of organisational policy and as such dating a coworker could lead to termination of appointment. This is because they see only the worst aspects of dating a colleague which should not be the case for the following good reasons.

1. Solid Bond

There is nothing as tantalizing as seeing something you own and would love to have and also not being able to have it because of the presence of a third party. This builds up love pressure within you on a continuous basis owing to the existence of that temporary barrier coupled with that continuous urge and therefore leading to a more robust love feelings towards your partner and consequently a very solid bond between the two love birds.

‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ they say but more critically the beauty in the person you love gets better and better each day as you set eyes on him or her on a regular basis. Dating a colleague gives that privilege of being able to see each other on a regular basis without having to close work and get home before meeting your date. Lunch time might be shared together and also both of you might also close work and leave for home together. The more these takes place, the more bond that is formed between the two which grow their love for each other to a beautiful level.

You might have gotten that experience where you parted relationship with a colleague and thereafter began to see those many things that are wrong with your ex, such that you never was able to discern because of regular engagement in the office and after office.

2. Self Improvement

There are several habits both official and unofficial that you may exhibit in the office; it might be just the way you dress or the the manner you relate to other colleagues which you probably will feel is very much in order. A date in the office might be the only one that could speak to you to get those poor habits sorted out and your probably might not have listen to any one else except for his or her opinion. On a simpler note you could be someone who pay too lighter attention to your dress code and therefore dresses as you pleases but not to please others or look good. The presence of your partner might just prompt you to be more conscious about your dress code. On the other hand, your partner could request that you dress more decent and could even go as far as getting some new clothing for you to ensure you look your best.

On a more serious note, you would generally want to impress your date in everything you do in the office. There is nothing as worse as occasionally becoming a nuisance in the office when whatever you do or did not do will directly be an embarrassment to your date. There is therefore this self awakening, there is self consciousness to live up to expectations and save your date whatever trouble in the office.

Cases where your partner works with you as a subordinate could result you being forced to be more just and fair in exercising your authority to avoid perception of you as a bad leader. This continuously keeps you on your toes to ensure you do the right thing then and always.

3. Information Source

Information is power especially as a boss in your work place but more importantly in this case we are actually not talking about official information rather we are referring to rumours and gossips in the work place. You may never on your own be privy to certain common talks flying about in your work place because of your position and association. Knowing what is going on in this regard is very crucial to every boss as this is the one indicator that tells what workers feel about each other, as well as about what effects the policies of the organisation have on each and every staff member. It is also one very important channel of knowing those who actually hates or love your style as a boss, as many may be indisposed to talking to you directly on such issues.

Having a date in the office is like having access to robust intelligence most especially when it is a secret relationship. In some cases whether it is secret or not might not really matter as people will still say things with the assurance that the bean will not be spilled but trust your date he or she will surely let the cat out of the bag on any rumour or gossip that your really will need to know.

Cases of infidelity between you and your date are better released through these channels as there are always some ‘paparazzi’ kind of persons in every organisation who are always the breaking news bearers. This also serves as another way of keeping the relationship out of trouble waters.

4. Self Control

You may be a player of some sort, you may be the type that once in a while would want to have a feel of that girl you have a crush for or that guy that has a crush for you. You may want to explore because your urge pushes you to someone new and interesting, you possibly want to just do this only once for the fun of it. Having a date in the office will always be a barrier that may put off this urge. If your date is a serious one, she or he will probably be with you at home or not but you will always be together in the office so to speak even if not face to face.

The fact is that you might not be able to invite a casual date to the office for a chat or take him or her for lunch. Worst still you cannot take him or her home; you have no other avenue to reach out to the opposite sex for any intimate affair and this is where self control comes in. You just have to be faithful in the relationship with no real avenue to do otherwise.

This acts as a good check and balance to both party’s excesses and as a result preserve and prolong the relationship to move further to a higher level.

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