How to know if your partner may be unfaithful

There are attitudes your partner may put up, that may not mean much to you but if you look deeper, there might be more than meets the eye. The booming of mobile phones technology and the internet have opened a floodgate not only for legitimate businesses to thrive but also for avenues to either strengthen the man-woman relationship or most unfortunately undermine relationships and marriages.

Observing your partner’s attachment to mobile phones and internet might give you a clue on what to expect with regards to faithfulness if you read the following.


The partners with the ‘phone booth’ attitude always have imaginary phone booths randomly located everywhere and they always make sure any of these phone booths are out of earshot of their partners. The phone booth per say may even be a more noisy place than where they were originally but because the motive is to stay as far away as possible from their partner, they really will not care. All they are trying to do is to ensure their partner do not hear the conversation that they are about to have.

The other aspect of why the phone booth attitude, is that they may pretend to be having bad network connection and therefore will locate the nearest ‘phone booth’ with the best and clear connection. We all know a phone booth is secluded and private, that is exactly what they want and not that there is any bad connection or whatever.

The chances that partners that exhibits this will really be unfaithful is 90/100.


This happens in the case of partners that have given their mobile number to as many persons as they cannot remember and also because they deliberately did not save the numbers for fear of their partner stumbling on the name by chance. They therefore see any missed call on their phone without a name as a potential opportunity that must not be missed. They are not the types that would wave these missed calls aside and wait for the caller to call again.

They will immediately and persistently call back any missed number until they are able to confirm who owns such number. The worst may also follow if they are able to confirm that they do not know the owner but the voice is that of the opposite sex. They may want to talk the person at the other end into establishing a friendship against their wish and will keep pestering the person with daily calls if they do not give in that first day.

The chances that partners that exhibits this will really be unfaithful is 99/100.


Losing your mobile phone is one thing but the worst thing that can ever happen to partners that are unfaithful is losing their mobile number; this is close to even losing themselves. Their belief here is that even if they loose their contacts, they may always be able to get them back with time if such persons call their number but they may never be able to get them back if they call and their line is dead.

It is quite of a truth that phone numbers of relatives and business associates who one interacts with from time to time may not be difficult to get back if one eventually loses a mobile number but this is not so with partners who are unfaithful because they actually rely on call logs and some good memory to keep track of such numbers since they are not saved in their mobile phones. Though it takes two people to cheat but it is mostly the case that those who are already in a relationship always initiates the extra marital relationships.

The chances that partners that exhibits this will really be unfaithful is 90/100.


Putting a mobile phone on silence has two implications, it is either your partner put their phones on silence when with you or when with the other guy depending who is of more value or more inquisitive. Some persons may out of trust or forced trust show less concern about their partners mobile phone interactions why some may be very particular about how frequent and much time you spend on a call.

You should observe your partner to see if they put their phone on silence or vibration at all times or during certain periods; they may want to defend the attitude by saying they do not need any disturbance. On the other hand, you need to confirm if your partner always come home with their phones on silent mode and thereafter put it on a ringtone or the other way round.

The chances that partners that exhibits this will really be unfaithful is 90/100.


There are two fronts your partner may put forward with regards to mobile phone handling in a relationship, either they will advocate the ‘privacy act’ or the ‘fragile act’ or both. The ‘privacy act’ starts with them avoiding handling your mobile phone at all cost so as to pave the way for them to get same and equal treatment from you when it comes to their mobile phone also. They will put it to you that the mobile phone is strictly private and should only be handled at the owners permission.

The ‘fragile act’ has to do especially with a relationship where there are kids, the restriction is actually targeted at the kids to ensure they do not at any time handle the mobile phone under the pretense that they may damage it. The real motive behind this is to ensure the kids do not have access to the phone and also to ensure the mobile phone do not pass hands from the kids to their partners.

The chances that partners that exhibits this will really be unfaithful is 99/100.


To a partner who is unfaithful, it is safer to text and chat than to speak on phone but that may not be the case because what is written is quite different from what is spoken and not on record. With the availability of chatting platforms of different interfaces and possibilities, texting has become a day to day exercise. Partners who are unfaithful could device ways of switching between chats and games to sell dummy to their partners when using smartphones.

Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat are among social platforms where people can chat without restriction provided you have data bundles to do that. Most partners who are unfaithful prefer not to to have airtime for calls than not having data bundle for social apps because of the convenience and privacy attached to texting. They are ready to sacrifice some other important needs to ensure they buy data bundle for their mobile phones otherwise they would just freak out.

The chances that partners that exhibits this will really be unfaithful is 90/100.

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