Understanding the 4 conditions of the vagina

Several guys do become judgmental and for the wrong reasons simply because they have no understanding why the vagina is in a particular state. This misinterpretation may lead to accusations of cheating, insinuation of uncleanliness, tagging a lady a whore and at best thinking a lady is decent whereas she may not be.

There are 4 conditions a vagina could be in and I want to elaborate on those conditions to shed more light on what possibly could have gotten the vagina to that state; the state refers here is as at when a woman is aroused prior to sexual intercourse.

The bottom line is, the condition of the vagina of your partner should be consistent and should not vary that much. When the vagina changes conditions from Slack and moist or Odour and moist to especially Odourless and tight or Closed and dry then your partner is probably cheating and this calls for concern and attention to establish the true cause of the change in condition.

1. Slack and Moist

This state of the vagina could be the case with women who had had kids and or women who naturally has a slack vagina. There are ladies who during childbirth would have their vagina slit slightly open as a precaution or by accident so as to ensure ease of passage of the baby during delivery simply because they have a naturally tight vagina. There are cases where such slit are left to heal without stitching it back to its original state. Such ladies are left with a slack vagina and in some cases they may not even be in the know on what has happened to them. On the other hand men may think it is as a result of the many childbirths that the woman has been involved in that has caused such slackness, which may not be correct.

Naturally some women has a slack vagina and that is just it. When folks see a man with a large dick we term it natural endowment but when a woman has a slack vagina we tend to want to read so many meanings to it which is not at all fair. Just as it is natural to have a large penis so also it is possible for a woman to have a wide vagina. I think the possibility of permanently slacking the vagina through multiple intercourse is very rare as every vagina will definitely recover back to its original state after some time off, all things being equal. There may be forced slackness when a massive dick is forcefully pushed into the vagina which may result a tear similar to the slit done for women during childbirth but this is very rare unless in cases of sexual abuses.

2. Closed and Dry

This state could be a natural condition but could also be medical condition which in any case must call for deliberate correction. This state is not a normal state and is not good; there are women who just naturally has a dry vagina, no matter the level of foreplay before intercourse they will still remain dry and this may be quite frustrating for her because she do not just get aroused properly. Such women may every time rely on vagina lubricant to be able to stay wet for intercourse but also only for a short period until the lubricant dries off. This always leave them with a sore vagina after every intercourse because of abrasive contact.

A shrink and dry vagina could also be as a result of a medical condition which could be corrected through adequate treatment or attention. One factor that could cause dry vagina prior to having sex could be fear of having intercourse due to a past and ugly experience which subconsciously shut out the arousal and leave the vagina dry. It could be that the woman is not comfortable with the size of her partners penis or that her first intercourse was a forced and bitter one against her own wishes. There could also be the possibility that there are health causes which may require medical treatments to get it good.

3. Odourless and Tight

An odourless vagina is borne out of the misconception that the vagina odour is unhealthy and therefore should be eliminated. Various means are therefore employed by ladies to deep wash the vagina frequently and also with soaps that probably may not be too good for the natural state of the vagina. This constant cleaning with water and other materials basically result in a tighter vagina prior to intercourse in cases where there has been excessive use of unfriendly materials to suppress the vagina natural state and odour.

Women and men alike feel a woman is neat when only they cannot smell the vagina odour even at nose contact. Every well prepared dish has its specific aroma which differentiates it from sundry dishes, suffice to say that a dish without aroma is no dish at all! This I believe is the thinking of few folks, which is totally correct when related to the vagina. Moreover some girls who practice frequent deep cleaning of the vagina do it sometimes to mislead their partner and divert attention from their cheating habits but this may not also be the case. To be fair, most girls that deep wash their vagina do it to supposedly keep clean and neat in order to meet the perceived requirements of an okay vagina.

4. Odour and Moist

Every vagina naturally has an odour; be it Slack and Wet or Shrink and Dry, there is always that natural smell that comes with all vagina which is a healthy state. Some men and women tends to be thinking out of this box, to them a vagina that has an odour is an unclean vagina; to think this is absolutely incorrect! To totally eradicate the vagina odour by any means is unhealthy and should therefore not be encouraged. A vagina that is without odour is in a cosmetic or artificial state.

That the vagina naturally should have an odour is not a licence to leave it to brew offensive odour, there should be routine cleaning of the vagina but not with harsh materials but most importantly, women should practice washing their anus with enough water and small amount of soap then drying up after passing excreta to prevent unfriendly bacterial from crossing from the anus to the vagina. When using toilet paper instead, wiping should be from front to back to prevent same transfer of bacterial from the anus to the vagina.

Ladies, always clean your vagina but do not kill that vagina odour for it is the right of the vagina to have an identity.

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