‘I was raped at 15, gave birth at 16 and 20 years later’…

Rape is one thing that has continued unabated in every part of the world despite very many efforts being made to put a stop to the ugly act that has left emotional scars on many victims the world over.

A young woman has yesterday narrated a very short and touchy story about her experience as a teenager having been a victim of rape as an adolescent.

According to her, she was raped when she was 15 though she did not mention who raped her. At 16, following the rape, she gave birth to a son after the usual 9 months.

She raised the child, who later became a grown young man but an incidence happened when the son was 20 years old.

The son came back home on a particular day with his clothing stained of blood and the sight of that put the mother in a panic mood.

She rushed to him to find out what the problem was that has left him with blood stained clothes but the son quietly calmed her.

The son had encountered a scene where a young woman was to be raped but he stepped in and fought bloody, freed the victim, ensuring the rapist did not have his way.

The mother was so very proud of her 20 year old son for being such a brave gentleman.

This story was narrated by Annie Lizel on twitter but she was bursted after someone found out it was same story told by a Facebook user in 2018.

Meanwhile, a man Ricky Diamond mimicked her story and twisted it unpleasantly to spite her, probably for stealing a story without giving credit initially to the original owner.

Annie Lizel was later made to put out a statement confirming that the story was actually previously told by a Facebook user Glamour Pen in 2018.

Annie was actually 21 according to her Twitter Bio and she could not possibly had been the one in the story.

Annie Lizel is a 21 year old who refers to herself as a Design Student and Wanderer. The tweet has it now garnered 90.5k retweet and 303k likes on Twitter and still counting.

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