The 4 approach to sex

If you get these facts right, it could definitely help in enabling you choose a partner that will suit your kind of person. These sex behaviours are really not something to worry about but rather you should pay attention to them because they speak volumes.

Watch out for these 4 approach to sex whenever you have first time intercourse with your partner in comparison to subsequent love making.

1. Hot-Cold Approach

The very first sex encounter with these class of person is stormy, they give it their all. It is as if they have found something fresh and interesting and they need to get the best of the occasion. This probably may be a fallout of how the other partner packaged his or herself prior to the sex activity, it is a mixed feeling of being a conqueror and success. This may also relate to the time, money and energy involved during the process of dating or courtship prior to the sex activity.

On a much more note of concern, this might most importantly be in the nature of the individual and if this is the case then you need to take a good note of it. The Hold-Cold approach indicates that at the very first time you had sex with a partner, it was enjoyable because the other partner or both of you gave it your all as the case may be. The point to note is that at the second or at most the third sex activity, the interest and intensity during sex take a very sharp drop and die off subsequently.

This kind of mindset is mostly dominant in womanizers and whores where after having a steamy first time sex, the womanizer or whore will always drop off interest and the tempo to look for another prey or host respectively.

2. Slow-Hot Approach

These class of persons do not show any real interest or intensity during their first sex encounter with a new partner rather they just participate on a low key. This is very common with ladies and it is deliberate partly because they still do not have total confidence in their partner and have no reason to unleash their sex skills at that very first time.

The Slow-Hot approach is a deliberate situation where one or both partners tends to want to trend safely with caution in order to fully understand the direction of the relationship. They do not want to put in so much at the beginning so that they do not feel emotionally cheated and worst still, it could also lead to your partner having a wrong feeling that you are probably wayward or a sex maniac. The sex activity therefore gather momentum as both partners get to know each other better and get to the highest peak so to speak which is eventually sustained by both partners.

This Slow-Hot approach is healthy but slightly hypocritical on a light note and a necessary precaution on a serious note. You will find this behaviour in normal partners who desire a long term relationship.

3. Hot-Hot Approach

These class of persons do not just see sex as just intercourse, they have a bigger picture in mind! They see sex as a way of life that should be lived to the fullest, consequently they throw all caution to the wind when it is time to get down to sex because they feel it is their God given right to enjoy it to the fullest. Sex to these partners also is a physical exercise as well a game of sport aside the emotional aspect of it.

The Hot-Hot approach is dominant in partners or a partner that is sexually active and these persons weigh the sustenance of any relationship they are into first and foremost by sexual satisfaction derive in the relationship and to them this is sacrosanct. One very interesting thing about these partners is that it is very difficult to use body language to know their prowess prior to love making because they do not make so much noise about what they are. They are a surprise 99% of the time and it is always like wao!

The Hot-Hot approach may be a setback to some partners because of their mentality and most especially their lack of it. Where both are not complimenting, it is very likely that it could cause setbacks or rock a relationship which on a major scale affect ladies more. Every kind of person could posses this attribute but how the persons harness it becomes the determining factor.

4. Cold-Cold Approach

These class of persons are the people who are still wondering up till this moment what use is sex if not for procreation. Their body chemistry do not rejoice at every moment of sex or rather they do not attach any major significance to sex except that it is just sex. The fact remains that they may be healthy as individuals; they can get erections as for the males and they can get arouse and wet as for the females but that is just it; it is of no big deal to them to have sex or not to have sex.

The Cold-Cold approach becomes a major concern when it affects those partners who cannot get erections or those females partners who cannot get aroused and wet. This condition could over time weigh them down and make their situation deteriorate from bad to worst and it is a harrowing experience when not properly managed particularly for the male folks. It most beneficial if such shortcomings could be detected early enough to ensure medical attention or if not proper counselling.

This Cold-Cold approach could be as a result of body defect either by birth or induced. It could also be as a result of emotional detachment from sex acts. A number of persons in this category resort to sex change or becomes gay in the case of the males but as for females, they can always live with it without much drama.

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